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World's most enjoyable brain games with the joy of pictures of pets (and pictures you upload)

You select a pet category and
pictures from the category become part of the games

How the training works

When you begin playing a game, you'll notice it is easy.
Then, as you play more, you'll notice you become faster and better.
As you practice and improve, the games become a little harder.
You can track score and also compare your progress with that of your buddies.

Play on any mobile phone, PC, iPad
Track progress and see improvement
Training reminders with suggestions
25+ Scientific brain games
Have buddies and see their progress
Personalized: gets harder with progress

You can also upload pictures to make your grandchild or your pet a star within your games

When you upload photos of your grandchild or your pet, you will enjoy the brain training even more.

Beautiful, Enjoyable Brain Games

Some of the games from 25+ games that you play when you join.

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