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World's most enjoyable brain games with the joy of pictures of pets (and pictures you upload)

You select a pet category and
pictures from the category become part of the games

How the training works

When you begin playing a game, you'll notice it is easy.
Then, as you play more, you'll notice you become faster and better.
As you practice and improve, the games become a little harder.
You can track score and also compare your progress with that of your buddies.

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A friend from New Zealand recently asked, "Do you actually think the brain games work for the brain? Or is this just a business?"

Coming from a friend, the question shocked me.

But then I remembered that my daughter (age 14) had asked the same question.

Here is what I told my friend.

To me the issue is the same as does exercise work? Of course, the body becomes better, but people will still get cancer or diabetes or blood pressure or flu.

They certainly work in many ways including:

  1. Improve simple math which is addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. It helps you balance check book, help kids with Math.
  2. Improve memory by using extensively proven method of Dual N-back upto 2 or in a few cases upto 3 levels. This is all done very cleverly, so people can make progress at their own speed.
  3. Improve speed of thinking and reaction. It helps you with safer driving.
  4. Improve sense of location and direction, which is helpful as some people tend to have related issues.
  5. Improve simple logic. It helps you make better decisions and perhaps beat your grand kids at boardgames.
  6. Increase how much area you view in single glance. It makes your walking and driving safer.

Brain training works much better than Soduku or crossword puzzles because it covers many aspects of "being mentally sharp".

The maximum value comes when the brain training becomes more engaging and interesting, and that is why we built world's only brain games to use pictures of pets and allow the user to upload their own photos which become part of the games.

If these brain games did not work, we would have closed the company after testing the first game itself.

They work and the easiest proof is that as you do the training, you become faster and better. Soon, you notice that you are playing the games at a higher level of difficulty and complexity.

Better memory and math help in many ways

Betty Kingsbury
Kenmore, NY
Job in childcare

As I was doing word searches in a book I wondered if there was anything online that could give me a more varied brain exercise. I didn't know if there was anything that was fun and interesting and could help me maintain what was stored from my learning days in school.

I played with the interesting games on this site ...

Before joining I was noticing that my math facts were a little foggy and had to do a few on the calculator when balancing my checkbook. I was also having short term memory loss as I worked at my volunteer job. When meeting new people at church or at my job it was very hard to remember their name when I met them again. I noticed that I would not remember what I did with certain things and could not find them when looking for them.

Playing these math games I am not needing to use my calculator to balance my checkbook and it is much easier to recall the math that I need to find the answers to my math problems at my job.

It is also easier for me to remember how to use the computer program at my job as it sharpens my brain and helps me recall the instructions.

Now when I meet the new person I have associated it with something to remind me of their name and I am not embarrassed. It also has helped me by being able to find something that I have put away by making me focus on the place I have put it in the first place. I find that it is not such a big issue any more.

I like the games and the pictures...

Sharon Shirley
Las Vegas, NV
Job in Purchasing, Retired

Money was a huge issue... Yesterday I must have played 20 games. It was very informative to realize what areas I need more work on than others. I am not good at the math. I excel in words and pair match. I have ADD so it is an attention problem I have.

I would start one project and then drop it to go to another. It is very frustrating to want to stay focused but can not. I almost lost my job twice because I did not do what was expected of me in the amount of time allotted.

I really got into it yesterday. I think that is the first time in a long time that something has interested me enough to actually stick to it and not jump off to something else.

I like the games and the pictures... I really enjoy the site and look forward to improving my ADD. Thank you so much.

You can also upload pictures to make your grandchild or your pet a star within your games

When you upload photos of your grandchild or your pet, you will enjoy the brain training even more.

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